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Practice Areas

We strive to understand our client's business needs,
providing optimized and customized services with reasonable costs,
and assisting to enhance our client's competitiveness.

Your IP Value Creating Partner!

  • Prosecutions


    Wooin searches various technological fields such as electrical technology, electronics, communication, machinery, metals, materials, chemicals, bio-technologies, etc. We file and register patent and utility model applications.

    We also perform searches on trademarks and designs; file and register trademark and design applications as well as manage copyrights and custom actions.

  • Disputes and Litigations

    Disputes and Litigations

    We provide our clients with superior services through searches for preceding technologies, trademarks and designs prior to filing, thereby minimizing our clients’ risks. After filing, our clients receive prompt reports on the matters that were undertaken.

    After registration, we also provide intellectual property maintenance services such as payment of annuities and renewal of trademark rights through an online patent management system.

  • Search and Analysis

    Search and Analysis

    Wooin offers guidance for technical developments by composing patent maps, designing patents to avoid infringements, analyzing patents, etc. and searches materials for invalidating patent rights in patent disputes.

    In order to assist in the developing of our client's brands and designs, we compose brand maps, design maps for establishing our clients’ brand and design strategies and conduct searches for trademarks and designs

  • Other Services

    Other Services

    Wooin supports various services to generate benefits from intellectual properties by patent technology transfer, license negotiation, etc.

    We also provide our clients with comprehensive IP consulting and IP educational services such as building patent systems and patent infrastructure and systematically diagnosing patent organizations.